The Attorney Online project maintainers do not store any information about you other than the information provided to the master server when you request the server list. This information is limited to your IP address, your game's version, and your selected language, which is only stored for the duration of the request. All infrastructure is operated in the United States.

The game also sends a heartbeat to the master server periodically for public player count metrics. Your IP address is anonymized and stored for a maximum of 6 minutes. You may opt-out of player count metrics.

When you join a server, a unique identifier of your machine may be stored by the server as a countermeasure for ban evasion. In-character and out-of-character chat may also be logged for moderation purposes. As this is a chat program, you should be cautious when talking to others you are not familiar with. Attorney Online is not recommended for players under 16 years of age. Please contact the server's admin for further inquiries about in-game privacy.